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Captain Jax visits Saint Pete in Happy Wife

Our little Jax was SO excited to be Captain on The Happy Wife for the day, hat and all. Because he has a little bit of separation anxiety at the moment, he didn’t want to sleep on board. Justine and I drove 2 cars to the Vinoy basin early that morning and came back in one car. With the car seat loaded up, we let the ropes loose and set sail for St Pete at about 11am. We arrived in a picked up a ball at around 12.15. Jax loved helping with that and as soon as we were set, he and Glumpy grilled lovely hot dog sausages and buns for lunch.

We enjoyed lunch and mojitos while Jax napped and when he woke, we took the dingy to shore to walk Mr Petes and go and get an ice cream. We spent quite a bit of time walking around and playing in the park and climbing our favorite tree there. At about 5.30 we dropped them back at the car we had left that morning with the car seat. Of course he cried to leave and wanted to stay lol. We headed back to the boat, had a delicious sundowner and watched a gorgeous sunset after which we showered and changed for dinner. Dolphins were feeding and playing around the boat, which of course, they were sad to miss. We had dinner at Cassis on the sidewalk and shared a bottle of wine. It was a great day and although a quick visit - so nice to be able to just “go” and not have to pack a thing. I can never get tired of that! We woke fairly early the following morning and did a quick 3 mile walk before packing up and heading back to Westshore. Jax and Justine were there to catch our ropes and help us in. He loved that too of course! This is the reason we wanted to have this lifestyle and we are getting to enjoy that with the boys now…baby Ella to follow :-)

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