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May 18, 2019

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Tarpon capital of the world Boca Grande

May 6, 2019

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We Happily head to Key West (Via, via, via!)

April 22, 2019

It's Earth Day and so it feels fitting that we embark on our trip starting today but oh boy, it was not without a fare share of hiccups, joy, excitement and a few curse words!

We (and by that I mean mostly Shaun) have been preparing for this trip for weeks now, perhaps months.  It took careful planning, lots of engine and boat prep combined with an extensive honey-do-list from me to complete before hitting the seas. We also had to make sure that our real estate business was in order as well as ensuring that our family; parents, children and grandchildren and Mr Pete's were all taken care of too.  After many late nights and early mornings, we managed to get most of it done.  There’s nothing like a solid deadline to get things accomplished!  Some of this included things like varnishing, servicing the motors, cleaning and painting them and installing a water maker so that we are almost completely self sufficient.  We also bought spares of parts we may need along the way.  We have made ourselves pretty self reliant, we just need fuel really which is great.

We left our sunny shores on a quiet and perfectly still Monday morning making the 1 hour trip to our fist stop, St Pete.  This stop is technically still a working part of our vacation because we have to finish up our Airbnb that we are starting just 5 blocks up from the Vinoy basin where we are moored. Escorted in by two dolphins we knew our trip was going to be great going forward!


We settled in at lunchtime and I made a light lunch while Shaun napped (He was not feeling well)   Later in the afternoon we packed up our fold up bikes and rode up to the apartment to work.
Had an early evening cocktail and snacks and fell into bed exhausted.

In the morning we walked up to work this time and then leisurely made our way up beautiful Central Avenue, settling in at The Lure for lunch with a beer and white wine. 


 We window shopped a bit and marveled at how much St Pete has changed since we moved to the States and how much we enjoy spending time here.


In the late afternoon the girls and all three babies came to visit.  We had supper up on the helm and so enjoyed having everyone with us before we set sail in a couple of days.  
Enjoyed some wine with the sunset, of course!


Today is Wednesday (we have to remind ourselves as it’s starting to blur) and we had a punch out list to get done.  We cycled up fairly early and got a bunch of stuff done.  Justine dropped Jax with us while she went to lunch with a friend in St Pete. 


We walked to the quaint little General store and bought ice creams and peaches to eat in the park overlooking the huge Banyan tree and duck pond. We had lunch with him at the