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Moored in the Vinoy Basin

We had some work to do concerning our Airbnb’s which we own in St Pete and at St Pete beach so we figured, why drive there when our happy home on the water can just take us there. As always, just letting go of the ropes and sailing off into the sunset at will, resonates with me metaphorically. Sometimes, we also need to just let things go and let things come to us and it’s one of the beautiful lessons that the ocean has taught my soul.

Up on the helm with chill music playing or sometimes upbeat, we immediately feel ourselves exhale and relax as we leave the dock. The doggies bark to go up as soon as they engines roar on and we can tell how they too love this time moving, watching birds, dolphins, boats and people go by. All of this truly fills us with joy and gratitude for all that we have and the lifestyle we have chosen to live, even if we are literally going just down the road to the next city. The newly remodeled pier is completed right where we moor in the Vinoy Basin and so we walked it and went to dinner at Teak on the top floor own our second night there. During the day we worked a bit and of course, we always love our sun downer time up on the helm watching the magnificence of the sunsets which are new to us each and every evening.

Midweek, Tammy picked us up to going town to babysit while she had an appointment and that evening our Friends Joseph and Vicky came on board with their new little baby Chloe which was just wonderful. We hadn’t had the chance to meet her year with the whole Covid debacle so this was really special for us. I went into town to have my hair done and went to dinner at our Fresco’s where, full circle, our discussion about this this new journey, the new chapter in our life, would begin in 2015 We left St Pete at lunchtime on Friday and headed for Fantasy Island where we would spend two nights. It was super busy with day boaters during the days but in the evenings we were alone so I could get use my bathtub which I always love. We Did a bit of work but spend the time mostly swimming with Cali and Mr Pete’s and relaxing. We have a busy time work wise up ahead so this week has been wonderful just being out and about and of course, social distancing too. We stayed until Sunday morning and left at sunrise for our trip back home for a day planned in Cocoa Beach with our family

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