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A little artsy village - Gulfport

We had been to Gulfport before with friends of our on their small boat and decided that we would like to go and spend the weekend there next. Also being close to us was great as we were still not sure of our boat and our own capabilities! We left late, at around 3pm and sailed about two and half hours to our anchorage. We had to stop at the Terre Verde bridge on the way in. We anchored amongst other yachts and boats just off the channel. It was quite busy, being a weekend, but we loved it just the same. Shaun took Mr Petes to the close dingy dock for his potty break. We watched a gorgeous sunset and drank champagne up at the helm. Had a little cheese and wine on board to a full moon and enjoyed just being on board. It was such a great feeling to be out again on our own. In the morning we took the dingy in with Mr Petes. There was a beach volley ball contest on and so it had a nice atmosphere with music etc. We walked around the quaint little artsy town and took pics. It is filled with unique boutiques, brightly painted buildings and artisan sidewalk cafes. We had lunch at a little outdoor garden restaurant, Pia Trattoria, that we had come to with our friends before. They serve a divine soup and great salads and sangria too. We went back to our Happy Wife for lazy afternoon nap and tan on the bow beds. After a sundowner, we took the dingy back to shore for dinner at a famous and very old, French restaurant called La Cote Bass Winehouse. It is outdated and tacky with arched walls, built in booths and close set tables. The food is not the greatest, but it is quite an experience to eat there and the wait staff were great! Had a night cap onboard with a toast to yet another full moon. Had a short walk with Mr petes through the park the following morning and past some of the old houses we looked at many years ago. We puled up anchor at at b=about 10am and headed back for home. We had to wait (easy though with dolphins all around) for the bridge to open again but it was amusing and fun to see. We recorded the opening, just for us :o) We arrived safely and docked without issue. Unbeknownst to us though, our starboard motor had a broken ring gear that would have to be replaced. That cost a a good couple of bucks because the transmission had to some off but we were ready to set sail again soon.

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