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Coasting to Cayo Costa


This has to be one of our favorite anchorages for sure. Usually we stay a lot longer but we were eager to get out to the Ten Thousand Islands and so this trip was a short one for us. We didn’t even make the short dingy ride to Boca Grande as we always do. We stayed at the anchorage with our little beach just feet away from our boat. We watched eagles nesting, dolphins visiting and had beautiful dinners and cocktail hours together up on the helm.

We had been so busy back home that relaxing seemed a lifetime away and it took us days to finally just breathe. We spent 3 nights here and we quickly saw that we had a gap to run the outside down to Marco Island safely weather wise so we made the decision to leave. We could see that the next week ahead would be turbulent and it was a good choice to make. We never take a chance with the weather and the ocean. Our boat is slow and we can’t just “outrun” whatever comes our way.

We anchored in Marco Island for the night and left the following morning for Ten Thousand Islands


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