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Happy Wife takes me to the Start Line

It’s been a year since our first trip out alone and this trip is exciting for a different reason. I am set to run the Gasparilla Half Marathon which has its start at the bridge at the convention center in downtown Tampa. I made sure to book the perfect spot well in advance for this day. Justine is running with me and spent the night with us so that we could have the extra sleep too.We left Westshore with Tammy, Grayson and Ella on board for the short 2.5 hour trip to downtown. We arrived at about 11.30am and docked safely. We made sure to fuel properly and take it easy. Justine brought our dinner over and went to bed early. Woke at 5am, ate and dressed and walked off the boat and up onto the bridge to start. It was unseasonably hot so our runs were a little slower than usual. After the marathon, we showered and went to a much needed breakfast together. Rested for half an hour after Justine dropped us back at the boat and took the dinghy for a ride up to Ricks on the River for a late lunch. As evening came, we walked over to our friend Jeff in Channelside to see his little apartment and had a charcuterie plate and champagne with them outdoors at Cena. We took an Uber back to the our boat for a glass of wine on the helm and then a light dinner in the dining room. It was a fabulous evening.On Monday morning, we went for a walk and had a small Starbucks breakfast. We left the Convention Center at 10.30. On the way back, we took the scenic route around a couple of islands and realized that we didn’t have to go home today. After all, St Pete was just in front of us. So, we booked our usual ball in the Vinoy Basin and anchored at 2pm. I made a fresh salad lunch and we went for a walk later, ending with a cocktail at Saltwater before heading back to Happy Wife for a sundowner and snacks. On Tuesday morning we left early (9.45) as the wind was so strong and took less than an hour to get back to Westshore at 10.30. Justine came to help us dock. What a great weekend away and I am so grateful for our wonderful boating life that enables us to live such a life of freedom and joy together!

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