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Magical Marco Island

We made our way to Marco Island today having started the day checking our generator which had, gone out again in the night!. Shaun cleaned it out and checked the impeller but it still doesn't sound quite right. We pulled up anchor and left our Darling Ding anchorage at 9 to make the 5 hour trip down. We had stopped there at Sanibel for the previous night. That afternoon, we took the dinghy to shore but there was nowhere for us to tie up so we went back to the Happy Wife and got my little hot pink Dippy Dinghy to come in with because we could physically take it out onto the grass. We rented bikes at Tarpon Bay Tours as we had some paperwork to overnight from there and we had a lovely lunch at Doc Ford's Rum bar on the way down to the beach for a quick swim. We didn't stay too long as a storm was coming and we didn't want to be caught out in the ocean on my little dinghy.

We anchored just inside the inlet at Marco Island at Green Fifteen around 2.30. It was a beautiful ride down with storms building up but staying offshore for us. We set ourselves up for the nights stay, ready to go straight across to Roses Marina where we will dock for the weekend. We are driving up to Tampa for Jax's 5th birthday party. Docked at 9am and Hertz picked us up for our car rental trip. We spent the night at our condo back in Tampa and had the sweetest party for our little Nuunu which I helped to set up.

On the way back, we stocked up at the Marco Island Publix with fresh fruits, veggies, milk, meats and cheeses etc. We unpacked and took the dinghy around the corner to the quaint little restaurant right on the water called Snook Inn. It was fabulous to sit down and just relax over some seafood and a glass of wine. It sure was a whirlwind trip!

While we were still hooked up to shore power and water, I did all the laundry we had and all the linens and cushion covers too. We filled up with fuel and water, did a pump out and came back to anchor at Green fifteen for the night to leave for the Ten thousand Islands in the morning. We had dinner up on the helm and had an early-ish night. Dolphins fed right next to our boat. It was wonderful

We are so impressed with this little 7 x 4 mile island. It is so beautiful and filled with happy, helpful people. We will return and hopefully spend more time here on the way back up.

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