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Work, Play, Storms and boat fires in Gulfport!

Our family business is in the process of setting up a couple of Airbnb's in Gulfport and St Petersburg; which is one town over and of course Philaine (who is visiting from South Africa) was roped into working with us while she is staying with us. It was easier for us to dock on that side than to make the 45 minute drive from Tampa each way, every day. We moved Happy Wife for a few days and of course enjoyed every minute of the trip over and back.

A change of scenery is also always good and we tend to get ants in our pants if we are attached to the dock for too long (Is that a saying in the US?...I hope so or that will sound really funny! lol)

We always try to bring a little fun into everything we do, because we can with our own business. It truly is a gift for us. So we go out for dinners, or cocktails or breakfasts, whichever feels right at the time. Sometimes, we end up eating on the floor of the houses we are renovating but nonetheless, we have a good laugh while we work, mixed with a little cursing too (I'm not gonna lie) lol

Philaine has gotten quite an education while she has been with us. She's learned a few new building and cleaning skills on the way, along with driving and being my chauffeur (I quickly learned that driving on the wrong side has it's drawbacks! I also learnt that she has 2 gears - that of a snail and speeding!

Although nervous to drive, I MADE her order Starbucks and Chick Fila and she, in turn, gave me the giggles in the drive through at Starbucks one day which really irritated the barista when I couldn't talk for a minute.

She has done things she's never done before all on her own and we have had the joy of watching her blossom in a way I think will stay with her forever. We have so loved having our friend with us and will surely miss her with all our hearts as she leaves our shores, but we are filled with gratitude for the precious times we have shared.

Summer in Florida means excruciating heat at times with daily storms. This year it has been exceptionally hot which has created massive, impressive storms that are beautiful, frightening at times and left us in awe too. You can see from the photos how "Harry Potter" like the one was over us at Gulfport! The next night we had a repeat performance which resulted in lighting hitting right next to us, striking the sailboat anchored nearby. We watched in horror as this live-aboard burned until it sank with us all standing by. Thankfully no one was hurt and we went on grateful that we were spared this tragedy

The following week we had obligations back in Tampa and so we made our way back with Happy Wife, happy to have had time out again on board our old girl.

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